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A Glimpse into the Most Popular Packaging Products Used by Canadian Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Canada use a selection of containers and packaging materials to protect the products or goods from possible damages in manhandling and shipping. Some of the most common containers used in Canadian manufacturing industry include corrugated boxes, glass containers, metal cans, and set-up and folding boxes.

Over the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous growth in the packaging industry which is caused by many industrial parameters, mainly consumer demand of top quality packaging and exponential increase in freight shipping all around the world. The manufacturing industry in Canada is now spending a billion dollars in packaging and labeling their products.

As reported by Euromonitor International, Canadian consumers are now emphasizing on the closures of the products, be it food products, health or wellness products, or anything else, which implies that the future of the packaging industry is bright in the coming years as well. Plastic and corrugated cardboard packaging materials have reduced the cost of containers dramatically, without compromising on the durability of containers. And perhaps, this is another reason why manufacturers choose these packaging containers for their products.

The Carved Out Niche of Containers

More than 55% of the containers are used in packaging of food items and beverages. These two industries are growing at a fast pace, which in turn boosting the demand of plastic containers and corrugated boxes. Chemical, healthcare and garment industry are another three major industries in Canada that play crucial role in maintaining the bursting demand of corrugated containers in the market. There are many other industries in the country that invest a considerable amount in packaging products including textile, tobacco and coal.

Most Common Types of Packaging Containers

Plastic containers, corrugated box containers, metal containers, cardboard folding boxes, and glass containers hold 70% of the packaging products used by the manufacturers of Canada.

  • Corrugated Boxes – They are in the spotlight since 1996. The industry of corrugated containers has showcased a tremendous growth in the last decade and today it has marked its place as one of the billion dollar industries of Canada. Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in a great variety of shape, size and colors.
    One can also find a packaging company that offers custom printed cardboard containers. With the advent of latest technologies and tools of graphic designing, printed corrugated boxes look more attractive. The corrugated cardboard material is recyclable, so boxes made out of this material can be reused and made available in the market at half the price of the new ones.
  • Plastic Containers – From 9% in 1995 to over 20% in the last quarter of 2012, the share of plastic containers and packaging material has almost doubled in the last 2 decades. Due to its light weight, higher strength and lower price, plastic containers have replaced the metal and glass containers in many industries.
  • Metal Containers – They are widely used in the food and beverage industries. However, in the last 20 years, the demand of metal containers has decreased noticeably.
  • Glass Containers – Food, beverage and chemical products munch through almost all the glass containers manufactured in the country. However, the glass container industry is showcasing decay in the last ten years.
  • Folding Boxes – The market share for folding box containers remain steady from day of its origin in the industry. Food industry consumes the largest share of set-up and folding boxes.

Instabox Canada has come a long way from its inception in the industry many years ago. In addition to a huge assortment of containers, they offer an extensive collection of box accessories for better packaging of the products.


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