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Tips to Making Your Custom Retail Packaging Stand Out

custom retail packaging
Retail packaging refers to the final presentation of products when they reach store shelves. It is what end-consumers see when shopping. This impression matters as it can have a strong impact on buying decisions, and ultimately, your revenues and profit.

Practically all items that are in stores have competition. It is almost impossible to find one company monopolizing a product line. For this reason, it becomes important to choose custom retail packaging that lets your product stand out from the crowd. Here is how you can accomplish this.


Keeping your retail packaging simple is vital. As they walk down the shopping aisles, shoppers tend to make decisions on the products they will add to their carts quickly. So they need to be able to glean key information fast. When designing packaging, it needs to focus on giving that key information at a glance. Whatever design or writing you apply should be simple for this purpose. They should be able to immediately tell what the name of the product is and what it is fast.


While packaging should be simple, it still needs to stand out. As said, there is much competition in most categories of retail items. Blending in can mean loss of buyers. The design of the retail packaging supplies needs to be noticeable to capture the attention of prospective buyers. take stock of what your competition is doing and find a way to be distinct. If their product is multicolored, consider going monochrome. Whatever it takes to draw the eye to your part of the aisle.


This is especially important if the product will require some continued use of the custom retail packaging after purchase. Consider breakfast cereal boxes that often keep being used until the cereal is fully consumed. You need to ensure the construction can hold up and that there are handy features the buyer will appreciate. For instance, a folding box design for cereals and biscuit boxes that allows them to be resealed after use to help keep the contents fresh.


Being honest and clear about your product is important. Shoppers are more discerning than ever and appreciate products that give clear information on their contents and so on. Give a brief breakdown that gives them the information they need. Also, be sure to avoid false advertising. Making false promises or declarations of what your product can do is bad business. Remember that a buyer is likely to tell several times more people about a bad product than a good one. Your brand can suffer adversely.

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