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Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas for Custom Gift Boxes

custom gift boxes
Custom gift boxes are a great investment as they help bring notice to the products and company brand. They are an effective marketing tool and are highly affordable. Because their design is customized, there is no need to overdo it with the wrapping. There is enough delight to be taken in admiring the box itself. More so, when you have a box that has been made from sustainable sources and biodegradable inks, you will likely want wrapping that is just as environmentally conscious. Here are a few ideas you can use to accomplish this.

· Old Newspapers

If you have a good stock of old newspapers around, these can be a good substitute for wrapping paper. Not only is it cheaper, but it can also be a good disguise for a truly special gift. It downplays how valuable the contents may be, making for all the more amazement when unwrapped and unboxed.

· Brown Paper Bags

With more shopping outlets going the old school route and getting rid of single-use shopping bags, many have accumulated brown paper bags. Using them as wrapping paper is another good way to reduce your waste. You can even paint or color them or have your kids decorate the wrapping to add a personal touch.

· Twine or knitting thread

On top of wrapping paper, there is often the ribbon that is used for a beautiful finish. Whether matching or contrasting in color, it makes for a lovely touch but the materials used in its creation are often not biodegradable. A simpler and safer option would be to use knitting thread or twine. It gives a sometimes rustic feel that works well with the modest wrap materials mentioned above. You can also cut strips of fabric to use from an old and worn piece of clothing.

· Simple fabrics

For double the gift, you can opt to wrap gift boxes in fabric. Visit a thrift store or fabric store to pick up materials. A bedsheet, shawl or table cloth can be easily wrapped around a gift box and tied up with twine or ribbon.

·  Reuse old holiday cards

Rather than use chemical adhesives to stick labels, create name tags using your old holiday cards. Cut out the unwritten sections of the cards and fold over to create a new mini card that will serve as a label for your gift boxes. You can cut a tiny hole through which to pass twine and secure it in place on the wrapped package.

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