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Everything You Need to Know About Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard boxes are made from cardboard material which can exhibit a noticeable difference in its weight. Shipping or packaging companies select the cardboard boxes based on the type and size of the products. For example, packaging of toothpastes doesn’t require the same durability of boxes as need in case of heavy weight equipments. Businesses use these boxes to package the products they want to ship to their customers.

Chipboard boxes are very popular amongst businesses these days due to its low price and environment friendly material. They are made of recycled pieces of papers which are then compressed via a pressure-heating process. You may have seen white coating on one side of some of the cardboard boxes, which is made from a clay-based concoction.

Cardboard boxes are mostly commonly available in white and orange-brown color. Though, there are many companies that offer printed chipboard boxes with your business logo and address. Custom printed shipping boxes seem professional and give packaging a unique look. If you are a small size company with budget restriction, you can order white chipboard containers with stickers on it. So, you can write down your company name, address and contact detail on the stickers before mailing them to the customers.

Cardboard boxes, sometimes called as fiber boxes, are widely used in packaging of gifts of all sizes. In general, cardboard moving and shipping boxes are bought flat and then folded as per needs. Chipboard mailing boxes are made of light cardboard material, so the sender doesn’t incur high postage cost, ensuring the material is durable enough to withstand the weight of the article being sent.

If you ever purchased printer papers, you might have seen two-piece chipboard boxes. This type of storage boxes keeps the stationery clean and organized. Tiny two-piece cardboard storage boxes are designed specifically to hold tiny items such as business cards. Often, chipboard partitions are used to separate and hold thin and lightweight items, which is together then sealed by the large size container.

The height and width of every single cell of chipboard partitions are determined based on customer’s needs. And such partitions are used in a plenty of applications within freight packaging. Businesses looking for corrugated boxes and containers to ship heavy items can select heavy duty shipping boxes made of cardboard. This will make you save a fortune and maintain your prestige amongst your customers or partners.

If you are not looking around to purchase chipboard boxes, you can reach the nearby office supply shop. However, for more options and choices, you can resort to online websites selling customized and standard cardboard boxes. If you are new to online shopping, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to browse and buy corrugated boxes of all types. The seasoned online shoppers will get spoiled with the wide selection of boxes the e-stores offer.

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