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Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

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In today’s world of hustle and bustle, when time is at premium and your budget calls for making wise decisions when picking your carton products, you will be faced with some decisions to make. There are questions to deal with when deciding about the source for your corrugated packaging, box accessories, fiber boxes or any kind of cartons.

Cartons have many uses in the general areas of shipping and storage. They are very attractive for their properties and cost and for these reasons very ubiquitous in our world of every day need for shipping of goods or storing files and supplies. For example, fiber box provides the external shell of protection and structural strength of the package while fiber partitions along with other optional accessories protect smaller objects inside from getting damaged while moving or in shipment.

Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you use fiber boxes and corrugated packaging in the course of your work or at home, you will deal with these products. One way or another, if only by just receiving goods by mail or buying products at the store, you are part of the cycle and have the power to decide what will be the source of your supplies and what will happen to them once they have served their purpose.

If you are someone who is an environmentally-conscious person, you will be asking yourself if the corrugated fibreboard box or other carton you are about to order come from a company that treasures the world, its beauty and the natural resources of our planet.

Corrugated packaging or box accessories, such as fiber partitions yield their properties to the concept of being 100% recyclable. That alone makes your eco-friendly corrugated fiberboard box a much more attractive product – one that has more to offer as far as cartons go for the generations to come.

Conversely, the usage of non-recyclable packaging and accessories is decreasing gradually and manufacturers are focusing more on eco-friendly products. Businesses and individuals are becoming aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and thus they are moving towards more of the green solutions.


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