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Why Using Foam Inserts is a Good Packaging Idea

Shipping is a very necessary service that allows products and items to be conveniently delivered from one location to another. However, shipping can also be an extremely volatile process filled with inattentive workers and jostling transport vehicles that often damage the precious contents of the packages in tow. Damaged goods take a bite out of business profits as well as present an aggravating experience for those receiving them.

In order to prevent the lost expense of replacing damaged products and keeping receiving customers happy, it is prudent to take the extra steps required to protect your valuables during shipment. One of the best ways to keep shipping items undamaged, is to use foam inserts such as can be acquired at Instabox.

The Benefits of Foam

The goal behind proper packaging is to secure and protect the contents throughout the shipping process. This should be accomplished by using limited supplies that do not add excessive weight, and therefore expense, to the package.

Foam is the perfect packaging material for meeting this goal for several reasons.

  • Versatility – Foam inserts are moldable so they can be shaped to snugly fit any item. They can also be reused time and again to protect that same item which it was designed to hold, or they can be broken into large pieces or chipped into smaller ones for other packaging needs.
  • Light Weight – Foam is extremely lightweight which means it adds little to the overall package weight.
  • Inexpensive – Box inserts made from foam are inexpensive compared to other packaging materials. It also reduces shipping expense due to its lightweight consistency.
  • Durable – Foam is extremely durable, having the strength to withstand applied pressure from hits, drops or other sources. In spite of its strength, foam is also giving enough that it absorbs shock that might otherwise damage unprotected products.
  • Insulation – Foam also acts as a thermal insulator. Throughout the shipping process, items are often exposed to extremes in heat and cold which can damage sensitive contents. By using foam box inserts, you not only protect your products from the damage of hits and bumps, but you also protect them from temperature extremes.

When it comes to protecting sensitive products during shipping from banging and fluctuating temperatures as well as keeping your customers happy, customized foam inserts are the smart choice.


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