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Why Shipping and Packing Materials Are Important

Business has become a global experience made possible by the explosion of the internet. Even small Mom and Pop companies can easily make, fill and ship orders to customers across the nation or living in distant lands.

Shipping has become a major means for getting those far away customers their ordered products. The sheer size of the shipping industry means that the personal care and attention that used to come with sending packages years ago has morphed into a highly insensitive business that jostles millions of packages daily along extensive lines and via various vehicles. Product damage and loss are a very real experience nowadays.

Protect Your Goods

However, there are actions you can take to better protect your precious goods during transport. The best approach is the use of shipping and packing materials which help prevent damage by keeping items safely separated, wrapped tightly, and held securely together.

Materials for Separation – Many products are damaged because they rub or bump together during shipment. Damage of this nature can be significantly reduced by using Styrofoam peanuts, molded foam inserts, corrugated cardboard rolls and other similar shipping and packing materials.

Materials for Wrapping – Tightly wrapping packages together in plastic wrapping materials also prevents shifting, shaking and other damaging effects that occur during the shipping process. Applying a thick plastic covering around your shipment also adds a protective layer against bumps, thumps and gouges. Polyethylene tubing can be used to secure individual items while plastic pallet wrap can secure entire pallets of boxes or items.

Materials for Securing – There are other items you can use to help secure your shipments besides plastic wrapping materials. Twine and shipping tape are both used extensively to prevent the loss and damage of precious goods during shipment.

When these materials are used together, they significantly reduce the chances that your shipped products will be lost or damaged. Packing materials used to separate and cushion items within the boxes, twine and tape used to secure packages together and plastic wrap applied to the outside of the entire group will help to ensure your items get to their distant customers, keeping both you and them happy.

Turn to an Industry Leader

When you require shipping & packing materials for your business, it is worth turning to a leader in the industry for quality goods at competitive prices. Instabox is such a company and they carry a wide selection of shipping supplies and packaging materials that will protect your goods as well as make your business shine. If you want to reduce the expense of lost and damaged goods and maintain good customer satisfaction, turn to Instabox for your packaging and shipping needs.


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