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Folding Carton

You already know that when you’re sending something, it’s crucial that it arrives on time. It doesn’t matter if it’s only going across town, to the other side of the nation or only carried a few blocks. But equally important is that the packaging is sturdy to assure that what’s inside won’t become damaged regardless of the length of its commute. Of course you do! And accomplishing this requires using strong folding carton. But do you also know other things about how important that packaging can be? If not, then consider these questions.

Do you know that folding carton can accomplish another goal by sharing the message of a company, social group, educational institution and many other organizations with containers featuring logos, coloring, designs and other elements which can help with public relations efforts? Boxes and containers might even come in unique designs and shapes to additionally assist with sharing a message or promotional concept.

Do you know that it’s invaluable to place your place in a reputable dealer for folding carton such as Instabox? This is because they have earned a well-deserved reputation for more than 30 years when it comes to providing a variety of boxes to companies that are used for different purposes. The reason for their success has been a knack in always providing the perfect box whatever it’s needed for, that includes logos, information and other printed material that can help businesses and organizations with their marketing efforts.

Do you know that in addition to folding carton that incorporate a company’s logo, Instabox can also create die-cut boxes, tubing and other containers that include a company’s logo and can be custom-designed to different specifications such as size, additional folds, shape and other considerations? The result is that they can produce a box that not only perfectly accommodates a product but is shaped in such a way that it also shares a message.

Do you know they are also appreciated for their creativity? Just as they can create various folding carton, Instabox is always enthusiastic about providing specialty boxes with different coloring, inclusion of logos, and different ways of opening them and whatever else is needed by their customers. Those who work in sales, trade shows and in marketing appreciate the difference these boxes can make in sharing their message.

Do you know that in addition to folding carton, they can also provide both printed and non-printed tubes for shipping items? But this is still not all, because Instabox can also be trusted when it comes to supplying items such as box dividers, corrugated trays, pads and other accessories that can be used to protect products during shipping. They’re also a wise choice because they can provide free estimates within 48 hours and ship worldwide.

Do you know it’s not only about cardboard? That’s because Instabox can also provide wooden boxes with logos imprinted for carrying or shipping fragile items such as wine.

Do you know that’s it easy to find out more out more about the difference that Instabox can make when it comes to providing folding carton and a variety of other containers? To do that, visit their Web site at, contact them by telephone at 1-800-482-6173 or email them at

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