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Custom Built Box

Custom built box is a type of paper product which uses linerboards, along with corrugated materials to make boxes, including those used for shipping. Corrugated boxes provide extra support for the items packed inside the box which can stand shipping conditions and prevents contents from being damaged while in route to their final destinations. The first uses of custom built box can be traced back to England, when it was used as a liner to be wrapped around hats before they were placed into paper boxes, during the 1850s. This type of material was not being used for shipping, yet, and it would be about another twenty years before people began using this material for shipping boxes. By the early 1900s, corrugated boxes began to replace the wooden crates and other boxes in use as shipping containers. custom built box has multiple uses in addition to being used for shipping containers, including entertainment purposes and arts and crafts.

Children will often play in larger cardboard boxes which can be made into forts, castles and other imaginary items. Parents can help children design their play fort by applying paint, marker and other design elements to the cardboard box. Arts and craft projects can use corrugated boxes to create shadow boxes, stage props for children’s plays, costumes, and a wide variety of other uses. Custom built box boxes are beginning to be made out of more recycled materials than they were in the past. As most paper products can be recycled and reused, the creation of corrugated boxes helps to save on our natural resources and reduces our carbon footprint. Recycled corrugated boxes can be printed with the percentage amount of recyclable materials which were used to create the box. Custom built box boxes can be custom designed to fit the marketing needs of an organization. Customized shipping boxes will bear the company name, logo, images or other information as designed which distinguishes these boxes from plain cardboard boxes.

Products and merchandise which is dropped shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer often arrives in a custom shipping box to help the recipient easily identify their product order. Special display stands found in retail establishments featuring new products or sales items, are often made out of custom built box. Display stands can be custom made to draw customers in by using impact designs featuring graphics, images and other marketing techniques to urge consumers to purchase your products. The use of custom made display stands offers the ability to draw consumers in or have them walk by a generic looking plain display and miss out on a potential sale. Instabox,, offers people the ability to create custom custom built box boxes and display stands. The company provides their assistance with all aspects of the design process including the exact size of boxes or stands needed, while offering affordable solutions to fit any company’s marketing budget. Instabox carries custom cases, box dividers, and packaging supplies which all can be customized. For further information on customizable products and available services, call 800-482-6173.

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