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General Tips for Packing Cardboard Boxes

Custom cardboard box
Cardboard boxes offer several key benefits that make them ideal for packing and shipping a wide variety of goods. They provide good protection for items, ensuring that they can safely arrive at their destination, free of damage.
The lightweight nature of these boxes also allows for minimal addition to shipping costs and easier handling during transit. They are also easily customizable and adaptable, allowing box makers to create unique designs that are sure to impress. So, whether your products are big and heavy or small and lightweight, choosing a cardboard box for packing is an ideal choice. Here are some helpful tips on how to ensure your goods are properly packaged and secured before shipping.

Choose the right cardboard box

It is important to choose a box that is well suited to supporting the weight and size of your product. Single-walled boxes are suitable for lightweight smaller and non-fragile items, while double and triple-walled cardboard boxes are better for heavier products. The size of the box should also be big enough to accommodate the entirety of the item being packed and ensure no stress on the seams or occurrence of perforations that would compromise the structural integrity of the box.

Fill the cardboard box empty space

It is important to keep items stable when packed inside a cardboard box. They should not be free to rattle around inside. Since many items are not box-shaped, it means that there is likely to be void space left. This should be filled with packing material that will help keep the item stabilized in the box. You can use filler and cushioning materials like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and old newspaper to help fill these voids. Remember to keep the item as centered as possible in the box and pad the bottom of the box with some additional cushioning material for added protection.

Wrap individually

If you are packing a box with several items, ensure that each item is individually wrapped before placing them inside the box. Materials like bubble wrap and newspaper can be used for this purpose. They will help provide additional cushioning and prevent the items from colliding with each other while in transit and causing damage.

Cardboard box proper sealing

Once your items have been well packed inside the box, you also need to ensure that it is well secured from the outside. Using the H-taping method is a clever way to reinforce the edges and seams of your box, boosting the chances that it will hold its shape throughout the transport.

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