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Getting Packing with Wholesale Boxes in Maple Ridge BC

wholesale boxes
Custom shipping boxes remain a staple in the packaging industry – they do their job well. The boxes are sturdy meaning they are able to withstand the repeated bumps and impacts while at the same time shielding the items in them from being destroyed. Custom shipping boxes are cost-effective and lightweight, allowing easier shipping of goods. Today, custom cardboard box products are the industry standard when it comes to shipping. If you want to save money on purchasing your shipping boxes, you may want to consider wholesale carton products that are produced at reduced prices.

Making financial Sense with Right-sized packaging

Having the right-sized packaging solutions helps you save on the cost of shipping. It also helps save the environment. When you have boxes that are excessively large to fit the items, it means that you will need additional packaging to help hold the contents in place so that it doesn’t shift around. The added weight of the additional packaging materials is going to add up to the initial cost of the content and the box. Also, when the size is too big, you are using an excessive amount of paper in designing the boxes. This goes against the wishes of many customers and brands to remain environmentally conscious. When you choose customer shipping boxes, you are able to easily manage your packaging needs for different items and at the same time keep the costs at low levels.

Reducing shipping Cost with Dimensional pricing

Major freight carriers, as well as package delivery companies, use dimensional weight pricing strategy for ground shipments. This pricing strategy is also known as volumetric weight or cube weight. The worst thing about this pricing scheme is that it tends to penalize companies that repeatedly ship items within large boxes regardless of the item’s size. When companies invest in small-sized boxes, they are able to reduce the shipping cost experienced in major carriers within the U.S. You need to find the dimensional weight of your package to allow for a cost-effective shipping solution.

Buying the Boxes in Bulk

Every business wants to cut back on costs – it makes sense to think of every other way to do it. Buying shipping boxes in bulk allows you to enjoy wholesale prices. You can have wholesale boxes in Maple Ridge, BC that help you save some bucks that you can invest in other areas of the business. The boxes need to be designed in such a way that they take up the least shipping space. They have to be sturdy to offer protection. You can have creative designs and artworks on the boxes to help make them appealing to the customers.

Your packaging solutions can help manage the cost of shipping products. They can also help save the environment. If you have not realized how important it is to be environmentally conscious, you need to think of that right now. There are so many ways brands are becoming Eco-friendly and packaging is taking a forefront role. Your packaging solution should reflect your commitment to protecting and saving the environment. You don’t have to use large-sized or over-sized boxes when you are shipping smaller products. Get the right sizes of the boxes and save the trees.

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