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Why Product Packaging Matters to your Bottom Line

You spend thousands of dollars marketing your line of business products, so in order to make up for the cost, you decide to forgo customized packaging. After all, the customers are buying your product, not the package, right?


When you market a new product, the package is the first thing that your potential customers see. That package must be easy to access, memorable, and unique. Packaging is also a necessary aspect of consumerism. Without effective and safe packaging supplies, people would not be able to transfer goods from one place to another. Perishable goods would be nearly impossible to transport in warmer climates, and breakable items would not be able to withstand the transportation needed to reach a large customer base.

While packaging is largely dependent on the materials within, there are many choices that a business owner can make to form a cohesive unit between package and product.

Price and Quantity:

When choosing your packaging supplies, it is important to take into consideration the number of products you will be shipping or selling, how delicate the product is, the weight of the product, and the product’s size. Cardboard is an affordable option for packaging and is significantly lighter than other packing materials (plastics, metals, glass and wood). For most any kind of product type, cardboard is a great choice of material, simply because of its versatility and durability.

The primary packaging is not the only monetary aspect to consider. There are also secondary and tertiary aspects of packaging (including shrink-wrap, cases, pallets, cans and carrier packs) that businesses must consider. The total packaging cost includes each level of packaging materials, the storage and transportation costs and the production cost of the packaging operation.

Smart Choices in Product Packaging:

The most important aspect of packaging to remember is that the packaging box must fit the purpose of the product. If the product is perishable, the package must be airtight to guard against contaminants. If the product is made of a breakable material, the package must be strong enough to withstand transportation. Finally, the packaging must showcase the product in the best way possible, highlighting important aspects and keeping logos, names and other key information visible. Smart packaging, which can raise your bottom line and protect your product from damage and decay, is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

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