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How Custom DTC Boxes Make for a Good Investment

dtc boxes
Under normal circumstances, people only ever think of shipping boxes as a type of container that protects goods in transit. But for businesses that have invested in direct to customer boxes, they serve several other purposes that can have a strong impact on their profitability and image.

Direct to consumer (DTC) refers to products that are sent directly from manufacturer to customer, without the involvement of intermediaries like distributors and retailers. DTC boxes are therefore the packaging these products have when ultimately delivered to the consumer’s doorstep.

Having this packaging customized has become a popular trend. It allows the manufacturer to tailor the design any way desired. Custom designs are also configured to specific dimensions that allow a secure fit of the products packed within. This reduces the risk of damage to the products when being transported and jarred.

Brand Awareness

These boxes have a role to play in promoting the image of a manufacturing company. Through the creative application of the company logo, colors, and name, this packaging can help keep the brand in the limelight. As more people see their boxes being delivered, it lets them know the manufacturer is very much active and in demand in their area. This recognition can help keep the brand in people’s minds when they next make related purchases.

These boxes also provide an opportunity for companies to run promotions that will directly connect with customers. They can include coupons, flyers, price lists, manuals, and other marketing material within the boxes knowing the end-user will see and consider.


Most of these are built using cardboard material. Despite its lightweight nature, this material is sturdy enough to securely contain products multiple times its weight. It is also the most inexpensive packaging material. Most other options like plastic and metal boxes are more cumbersome to transport. Since shipping costs are usually tied to the weight of the package, this lightweight material makes for the best economic sense as it registers the lowest weights on the scale. Lower cost of production and transport means better profits for the business.


Besides the branding that can be done, the customization in terms of dimensions is great for securing product. Products are often packaged with materials like bubble wrap and foam edge guards to help stabilize them inside. This way they are unlikely to be damaged when subjected to some rough handling during transit.

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