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How Folding Cartons Can Help Your Brand


What is a Folding Carton?

Folding cartons are medium sized “cardboard boxes” made from cartonboard, which is multi-ply paperboard that is significantly thicker than boxboard and is used primarily for automotive, hardware, sporting goods and electronics. Because they are usually delivered to the packer in a flat form, either as a side seam glued carton, which is folded flat, or as a flat piece of printed board cut around the perimeter to a carton profile, they are referred to as “folding cartons”. This feature helps customers save a large amount of space, which helps in storage, transportation and overall bottom line.

Folding Cartons and Your Brand

Everything you want to say about your brand is reflected in the carton you design. In essence, your brand’s ethos, or credibility, is established on the outside through the packaging before the customer even sees the product. If the box is torn, crushed, or in disarray, that negative first impression will filter through to the product inside.

When you create your brand, you choose the look and feel of the design, the logo, the tag lines, special features, color, shape, size and function of the product. These choices are strategic in that they appeal to your target audience. The packaging of the product is an extension of the product itself; therefore, the package must effectively and accurately portray your product as you would like your audience to perceive it. Certain packages deliver different messages; for instance, a pharmaceutical company is going to want to have a portion of a package in white, to reflect the sterile, hygienic environment of health care.

Knowing your audience also means understanding their financial position. Customers can be divided into three basic groups: those who desire top-of-the-line luxury, those who want good quality, value, and mid-range prices, and those who are on the search for a deal.

The folding packaging, through its graphics, structure and material, reflects these values and can help connect your target audience with your product on a subconscious level. Think of the sleek packaging that all Apple products have. Apple and iPhone consumers have come to expect the expensive and impressive boxes for their latest Tablet or Phone.

Protecting Your Brand

The right folding carton can also protect your brand. If designed well, it will help ensure that your product doesn’t get damaged. Customers will appreciate a product that is 100% dependable, 100% of the time.



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