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The Role of Corrugated Carton in Effective Marketing

A Complete Marketing Solution

Well, if you are thinking of a complete marketing campaign in the current time, you ought to think inside, outside and about the packaging box. These days, packaging has become an inevitable marketing arsenal to influence the buying decision of customers at the stores and drive sales. It is also used in promotion of brands as well as to enhance the brand image.

In short, packaging does matter. It’s vital for brands, retail businesses and even consumers. It affects the brand or product satisfaction over the entire period of product lifecycle. If you are a product owner who thinks he has given enough attention to their packaging, think again! There is still a plenty of room to improve or bring innovation in your product packaging.

It Can Drive Business!

The leading marketing agencies of the world have understood the importance of packaging in brand’s success and hence already started leveraging it to the possible extent. A number of studies, surveys, polls and researches are done by many different media agencies and renowned analysts to measure the impact of packaging in brand’s ultimate success as well as failure.

However, there is still a large group of marketers who is overlooking the benefits of packaging. If you are one of them, it’s high time now you start paying more attention to product packaging and labeling. While the cost and quality of the product are two most important factors monitoring product satisfaction, it’s not at all surprising to see why the majority of consumers think of packaging almost equally important to a brand itself.

The Evolution of the Packaging Industry Has Begun…

Now, if you think of the total investment made for the brand and the investment done behind product packaging, are they equal? Well, the numbers are not matching anywhere. Some studies have conducted to explore the purchase habits and customer satisfaction with packaging in the market, and the results show that shape, color, design, labeling, and material of the packaging are major factors in attracting customers to the shelf and drawing in sales.

Another survey was done with the same purpose in October 2012 involving 3000 US based consumers. and the results are really interesting for marketers and brand owners – around 64% of the participants admitted that sometimes they get dragged to purchase a product by just being attracted from the packaging, and they had no clue about the product before entering the store; 72% of the participants didn’t use the mobile phone while browsing the shelves in the stores. Not to be outdone, studies show that packaging is also a key factor in driving repeat business.

Why Choose Corrugated Packaging?

While there are several packaging options available out there, corrugated packaging solutions have been dominating the industry since ages. There won’t be hype if one says corrugated cardboard boxes are the synonym of the packaging. From the aesthetic appeal, durability, flexibility and sustainability to affordability, corrugated carton wins from all aspects!

So, what’s stopping you now? Hire the best packaging company to create an award-winning corrugated box design for your brand and leverage the power of packaging!


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