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How Secondary Packaging Plays a Crucial Role in Branding

When it comes to getting their products in the marketplace, the manufacturers or companies always look for the best packaging solution that can protect their products during shipping and placement process. However, the role of packaging is far beyond this aspect.
Packaging can be used effectively to enhance visibility, boost potential for profit and become a brand amongst the consumers.

What is secondary packaging?

It is a process of packing retail-ready products for shipping or palletizing them for retail displays. Savvy manufactures harness the benefit of secondary packaging extensively to achieve all three business goals mentioned above.

Secondary Packaging for Shipping

Most of the manufacturers hire professional packaging firms for the packaging of their retail ready products and adapting them for the shipping process. Considering the fact that the cost of fuel and transportation has increased noticeably, it is wise to select your partner packaging company carefully.

Focus on both the safety of products during shipping and the optimization of carrier space, which can be done by removing inessential packaging material from the shipment. In such case, use of folding cartons is recommended. Folding cartons can help you make the most of the carrier’s space and save you a large chunk of money on shipping costs. Finding a good cardboard folding carton manufacturer isn’t a difficult job. After all every smart and savvy manufacturer is aware of the fact that reducing the expense is as valuable as increasing the profit.

Cartons have long been the standard packaging for most of the shipment. Products are bundled, boxed, sealed and then loaded in carriers. This approach ensures good protection to shipment from all possible damages, but increase the cost and weight of the shipment which ultimately led the manufactures to the alternative packaging strategies.

For some products, flat cardboard trays or stabilizers and shrink wrap film offers the essential protection and lessen the overall weight of the shipment at the same time. This method is highly recommended for canned and boxed products. Moreover, it is also suggested for manufacturers who want to create branded display packaging for their targeted audience. Custom printed cardboard trays store the products during shipping and also function as a display on retail shelves, making the products stand out in a busy marketplace.

Secondary Packaging for Retail Marketplace

Secondary packaging for retail marketplace is one of the most widely used packaging services today. From outer pack of pre-wrapped candies to buy-one-get-two kind of multi-packs, secondary packaging has always been a very important element of preparing product for retail sales. When rightly used, it can increase product sales and improve brand recognition. Contemporary business models are promoting this form of packaging on a larger scale these days.

One of the latest trends in retail market secondary packaging is the bulk selling, which is beneficial for both manufacturers and buyers. Manufacturers can bundle their product for a big box style retail sale and this is the time when they can market their products via labeling, cross promotions and boosted visibility on the shelves; at the same time, buyers can save money by purchasing of products in bulk.

Bundled packaging of retail product also provides the manufacturers with an opportunity to drive more sales by offering bonus items to consumers along with bundled products. This tactic is mostly used to launch new product in the market, as it help product owners develop brand loyalty amongst their targeted audience.

Find your contract packaging firm today and leverage the power of secondary product packaging in reinforcing your brand.


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