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How To Best Store Corrugate Containers

corrugate containers
Corrugated cardboard boxes are often easily accumulated. More so when you order items to be delivered. They can be easily disposed of but many people tend to store them for later use. They can come in handy when you want to send out a package or when moving. They can also be used to store a variety of items. However, no matter how durable and useful they can be, they require careful handling to preserve their structural integrity. Here are a few tips on how best to store them.

Flatten Your Corrugate Containers

Once the box is empty, try to flatten it along its edges. This will ensure the corrugated boxes take up minimal storage space and can be easily stacked for later use.

Stack Corrugate Containers Properly

Do not stack your corrugated cardboard boxes too high to avoid them toppling over. Try to lay them down on a flat, smooth, and clean surface. This should be a surface above the floor, like on a shelf or pallet. Leaving them on the ground makes them more likely to suffer damage from moisture or insect activity.

Handle Carefully

Do not just throw or otherwise roughly handle the boxes. You want to preserve their condition as best you can. Try to carefully stack them and remove them when needed. Always handle with care.

No Heavy Objects

Do not place heavy objects on the corrugate containers. They can crash the flutes causing distortion and affecting the shape of the box when unfolded. It can also cause punctures that will make the boxes unusable.

Alternate Bundle Direction

When you look at flattened boxes you will often find one side is thicker than the other. Avoid stacking in the same manner. Use an alternating pattern to ensure better stability of the stack.

Keep Indoors

This will help prevent exposure to outdoor elements like rain and insect activity. Ensure that even indoors the boxes are kept away from any sources of moisture. This can damage the cardboard and destroy its structure. Also, avoid any area that exposes the corrugate containers to wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Too much heat can cause the material to become brittle while moisture will cause it to break down.

First In, First Out

Try to make use of your oldest stock of cardboard boxes first. Even under the best conditions, these boxes will still deteriorate, making sense to make use of those that are closest to the end of their useful life.

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