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How To Make Your Cardboard Storage Boxes Last Longer

cardboard storage boxes
Most people will with time accumulate a sizable amount of possessions they do not need. Whether usable or derelict, many items will not require regular use and need to be put in storage. Cardboard boxes are a popular choice when it comes to stashing things away. They come in various sizes and thicknesses that make them suitable for storing items of different kinds. They may however not last long if not properly handled. Here are a few tips on how to prolong the life of your cardboard storage boxes.

Choose The Right Cardboard Storage Boxes

When storing heavy items, you need to use cardboard boxes with more flutes. Double or triple wall boxes are a good option as their added thickness makes them less likely to buckle under the weight of the contents. Use thinner single wall boxes for lightweight items. Also, be sure to avoid over-packing. It can be tempting to squeeze in as many items as possible, but this can cause the box to bulge and tear. Keep the contents to a reasonable amount to avoid damage.

Decorative storage boxes come in attractive designs that most people like to preserve. This means they should be more carefully handled to keep up appearances. Remember to avoid placing other boxes on top of them and keep them off the floor.

Stack Cardboard Storage Boxes Smartly

Cardboard boxes can be easily stacked. They can often hold up well even for prolonged periods. But you need to ensure you do not over stress them. Keep the strongest boxes with heavy contents at the bottom and pile the more lightweight boxes on top. If you have shelving you can use to avoid stacking altogether, do use it. the less weight your cardboard storage boxes have to bear, the longer they will last.

Consider Coating

If your boxes are of the barest design, consider coating them with resin, wood glue, or epoxy. This will help make them more water-resistant and less likely to suffer damage from pests. Applying this can help create a protective barrier that will prevent damage in case of unforeseen exposure. This will in turn better protect the contents and preserve the structural integrity of the box.

You can get any of these and a paintbrush from your hardware store. You can apply several layers to help reinforce this protection. Ensure each layer fully dries before applying a new one and finally using it for storage.

Tape The Edges

The edges of a cardboard box are often highly vulnerable, especially with single-wall cardboard boxes. They can easily bulge and tear. You can easily strengthen them using duct tape. It will make the box stronger and less likely to lose shape.

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