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How To Preserve Packing Boxes And Cartons

boxes and cartons
Now more than ever before, people are finding themselves easily accumulating a variety of boxes and cardboard. This is often a result of online shopping and home deliveries. The items they buy often arrive in boxes. If the box is in good shape even after unpacking, it is very tempting to want to preserve it for later use. These boxes can often be a big help when you later want to send out a package or when moving. It is also environmentally friendly to reuse these boxes and when deteriorated, recycling them. And although quite lightweight, these boxes can be very durable. But you need to store them correctly to best preserve them for reuse.

Clear Out Every Content

Before you can put away boxes and cartons for an indefinite amount of time, you have to ensure they are clear of any contents and debris. This can be especially important if they were used to ship food items. Leaving remnants of food in a box can encourage insect or pest activity that can damage the box. Take out any packing materials like packing peanuts or bubble wrap as well. You want to be able to flatten the box easily.


Once you have emptied the box you need to open it up at the top and bottom to help flatten it properly. Storing boxes and cartons in the state they arrived in will take up a lot of space, especially if they are of a similar and larger size. Flattening them is a space saver and will allow you to pile up many boxes in even a small space. If you have tape on the box that is scrunched up, try to gently pull it off so it does not damage the cardboard.

Size Them Up

To further save on space, try to pile similar-sized boxes together. Mixing the sizes will likely lead to a waste of space as smaller boxes will end up taking up as much space as the larger ones when flattened. Keeping them organized by size will also make it easier to retrieve the particular size box you want when you need it.


Keep going back from time to time to ensure the boxes are still in good condition. Especially if they are stored in an area where pests might get in or they may be exposed to moisture. It can help to stack them on a shelf or pallet that keeps them off the ground and reduces the risk of this possible damage.

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