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Information to Always Include on Shipping Tags

shipping label
When shipping materials from the seller to buyer, there is information you will need to share to facilitate the process. A small mistake when labeling can cause a shipment to get lost and end up costing the seller extra money in having to replace it. The delay can also result in the reputation of the seller suffering. Timely deliveries are a big part of what pleases customers and makes them more likely to order again. Here are some key details you must always include on your shipping tags or labels.

Shipping Tags Full Address

A full address will list the recipient’s name, street address, postal code, and country. Sometimes you may include the city or province alongside the postal code. The absence of any of these details, or wrong information can have the shipment end up in the wrong place or not delivered at all if invalid.

Shipping Tags True Name

Always ensure that the recipient has given you their real name when labeling their shipment. This is because most carriers will require some form of legally recognized identification to allow for pick up. Even where delivery is being made to an address, there are times the shipment may not be dropped off, requiring the person to then visit a collection point where they may be asked for ID. The recipient should preferably provide all names that appear on whatever government-issued ID they use. And the names should be in the same order.

Country on Shipping Tags

Avoid using abbreviations when indicating the country name on shipping tags. Some countries have similar codes and there may be confusion as to whether you are referring to a country, province, or city. Indicate the name of the country in full and using capital letters. This should ideally be on the last line of the address you are giving.

Post Code/City/Province

Some countries have provinces, like Canada and Japan. You need to indicate the province for their postal system to know where to deliver the package. In these cases, abbreviations can be fine as long as it lands in the right country. Be sure to look up the right abbreviation to avoid mistakes. Even one letter off can make the address invalid. In other countries, you may find there are no postcodes. You can usually use zeroes if the shipper requires a postcode anyway. Do a little online research to get a clear idea of how address details normally look for the country you are shipping to. This can help you notice any mistakes in the details the recipient provided and ask them to clarify.

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