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Improve Shipping with Proper Shipping Boxes and Other Tips

Economic instability, booming worldwide competition and various other factors make business survival a constant battle not to mention growing the company. It has become increasingly important to find ways to establish customer satisfaction while at the same time saving time and expense.

Shipping is a critical part of any company offering products to customers located outside their local areas. And with the arrival and immense growth of the internet and mobile smart devices, the need for streamlining shipping practices has mushroomed as well. Here are some valuable tips for maximizing the efficiency of shipping for your company.

Expedite Turnaround Time

Shipping products out to customers as soon as possible is valuable in a couple of ways. First of all, it gets a customer’s order to them rapidly, which wins you big satisfaction points. Fast shipping also allows you to utilize low-cost shipping methods like ground instead of next-day.

Make Warehouse Adjustments

Expedite shipping time even further by making key warehouse adjustments. Items that sell more frequently should be placed closer to order filling stations so less time and resources are required and they move out faster. As your business grows, invest in advanced automated shipping systems which boost efficiency even more.

Use Proper Packaging

Shipping costs can be reduced by ensuring that the right sized shipping boxes are used. Sending items in boxes that are too large has a couple of detrimental consequences. Boxes that are too large have extra internal space that must either be filled or items can be damaged in transit. Also, small shipping boxes cost less to ship than larger ones and are more easily managed. Specialist companies like Instabox provide the perfect shipping boxes to meet any product requirement.

Ship in Bulk

Shipping individual orders to international destinations can be extremely costly. To significantly reduce shipping costs for your global customers, consolidate numerous orders to the same regions into single shipments.

Provide a Return Service

UPS commissioned a study recently through Forrester Consulting which revealed that companies that provide a clear and easy return policy on their products tend to experience better sales than those businesses that do not. A return policy produces stronger customer loyalty and more favorable praise to customer friends and family, both of which boost revenue.

By utilizing these and other streamlining tips, you can create a shipping process that is fast and efficient, saving your company both time and expense as well as ensuring that your customers keep coming back.


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