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Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

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Custom Labels

Sometimes generic labels just don’t fit the bill. When your labeling needs require something different, something jazzy, something that catches the eye, custom labels are the answer. Customizing your labels ensures that each label looks exactly how you want it to look, and each label contains the specific information you want displayed. With custom labels, you can choose the shape, the size, the border, and even the colour. Our many style options, such as our shiny, gold, and silver finishes, make it easy to create a label that matches the vision in your mind. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

Shape Options

Not only are our custom labels available in a rainbow of colours, we can also create your labels any shape or size you can dream of. Here are some examples of our most popular label shapes & sizes:

Custom-Labels-LargeCoffee Labels
Food and Grocery Labels
Health and Beauty Labels
Liquor Labels
Olive Oil Labels
Organic Labels
Restaurant Labels
Retro Labels
Seafood Labels
Valentine’s Day Labels
Vintage Labels
Water Labels
Wine and Beverage Labels
Blank Laser Labels
Special Shapes

Colour Options

We can print your labels in any colour of the rainbow. Free full colour proofs! Full colour, or 2 colour process!

Style Options

We offer a variety of pressure sensitive substrates including perforated, backscored, laminated & fanfolded on 3″ and 1″ cores.

Gloss (shiny finish)

Matt (regular ship-to labels)

Gold Foil (gold finish)

Silver Foil (sliver finish)

Clear (for window applications)

Fluorescent (orange, red, green, yellow, pink)

Freezer Grade (for cooler applications)

Direct Thermal (for direct heat label printers)

Thermal Transfer (for ribbon label printers)

Drumtac Vinyl (for outdoor application)

Durascan (vinyl label w/ strong adhesive)

Other Options

Bled Border – Printed border right to the edge of the label

Die Cut – Rounded corners and spaces in-between label

Butt Cut – No space in-between labels

Lamination – Label is printed then laminated

Free Estimate

Contact us today by for a free estimate. No costs. No obligations.