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Tips for Using Mailing Tubes

There are a variety of items that you may wish to ship that are too large for an envelope, such as architectural plans, posters, and banners. These items are often too fragile to fold and require a special level of protection during shipping. The use of mailing tubes is the perfect product packaging for these shipping needs, as they provide a unique package for optimal protection of your items. Mailing tubes can be produced in a variety of colors to personalize your shipment and to ensure that it gets noticed up until its final destination.

Mailing tubes are simple to use, and some of the basic instructions to ensure that you are using your shipping tubes appropriately include the following:

  • Remove an end cap from one side of the tube.
  • Roll your document carefully into the shape of a cylinder. It is important to ensure that the cylinder is small enough to fit into the tube while remaining loose in order to avoid damaging the product.
  • Place your rolled product into the tube through the open end, carefully, in order to avoid damaging the product against the opposite, closed end of your mailing tube.
  • Replace the previously removed cap in order to properly close the shipping tube.
  • Package labels are best for addressing mailing tubes. With a marker, write the recipient’s name and address in the center of a large, adhesive package label. Also on the label, be sure to indicate your return address in the event that your mailing tube fails to reach its intended destination.
  • Remove the label from its adhesive and apply it onto the shaft of the mailing tube, and try to place it in the center of the shaft.
  • Ensure that both caps at the end of the tube are secured firmly before you mail the document.
  • To mail your shipping tube, take your item to your local shipping company or post office to be weighed. Postage will depend on the weight of the item and the shipping tube combined, but since these items are light-weight, the total cost is usually inexpensive.

Additional tips should also be considered when using a mailing tube. Prior to purchasing a mailing tube, be sure to measure the size of the document you intend to send. This will help to ensure that you purchase the proper size tube. Use packaging tape to properly secure end caps, and do not tape your document in order to keep it rolled within the tube. Instead, use a rubber band to ensure that the document remains rolled tightly.


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