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How to Pick the Right Boxes for Shipping

Most people store away several cardboard boxes so that they have them available if needed. However, if you have to ship an item, you may need to buy a box that has been designed specifically for that item and that purpose. In this case, choosing the right type of box is essential in order to ensure that your item arrives at its final destination intact and without damage.

Choosing a Box

Whether you are in need of small shipping boxes or large shipping boxes, choosing the right one is essential. Boxes can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths and the item you are shipping will determine the type of box you need. If you are trying to ship something that is breakable or fragile, you may wish to purchase a thick box that is made from heavy corrugated heavy cardboard.

Other boxes are specifically designed to transport certain products. For example, wardrobe boxes are highly desirable when shipping or moving clothing, as they contain a metal bar at the top that is helpful in holding hangers. Heavy items, such as a television or computer, may be packaged in their original boxes with the addition of foam inserts. Once placed in the original packaging, they can be inserted into another heavy-duty, corrugated box in order to provide double protection.

Take Caution While Packing

Even though you may have the right size and type of box needed to transport or ship your item, even if the contents are packed correctly, they may still be damaged during the trip. While traditional bubble wrap is useful in protecting items during the shipment process, other materials can also provide a necessary protective cushioning. These items include:

  • Foam peanuts
  • Corner protectors
  • Corrugated packing pads
  • Packing foam

Even if you feel confident with your box and packing skills, it is still important to fully insure your package before shipping. This provides you with insurance in the event that your package is damaged or lost during transit. Many shipping companies will also provide you with tracking information so that you can ensure that your item arrives at its intended destination.

Finding Boxes

Your local box or packaging supply shop can provide you with the boxes needed for your move or shipping needs. Many options are available from online retailers, and this allows you the opportunity to look through the products in stock to find the boxes that are best suited for your project.


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