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Marketing through Packaging Labels

A very important factor for success with any company is revenue. Revenue comes when the advertisements and other marketing strategies have proven to bring in new consumers and generate a new source of income. One way that companies can promote their current and upcoming products is to print the information on their product labels. Packaging labels, or product labels, can include websites, phone numbers, customer satisfaction surveys, nutritional facts, and so much more. What is added to a label depends on the company and their choice of label design.

Some labels, such as bottle, cosmetic, candle, and coffee labels, will have more printed on them than the average nutritional facts. They can also include dietary boosts for consumers. These boosts can inform potential consumers of how many calories, grams of fat, or sodium is in the product. Information pertaining to where the product was made will also be available on most product labels. This information can be very useful to consumers who wish to only purchase or use products made in certain locations.

Many companies have become accustomed to adding advertisements to their labels in order to promote other products. Normally the promoted products fall into the same category as the product doing the promoting. For example, with coffee labels, they may promote a new French Vanilla type of coffee or a new type of coffee bean that they are now manufacturing products with. This has been seen in the past with white and wheat bread, with wheat being the healthier choice.

Logos on packaging labels is another marketing strategy. Although business brands are always printed so consumers know who manufactured the product, logos are memorable. The Nike logo is known worldwide as the check mark and McDonalds is known worldwide by its golden arches. Whenever consumers see the logo, they do not have to have the brand written out, they know that it belongs to that brand. Marketing other objects might be difficult for McDonalds, but with Nike, putting a check mark on shoes, shirts, shorts, socks, glasses, and other retail merchandise has increased their profits substantially.

Packaging labels are not just used for shipping purposes. They are also used to identify products that are stocked on the shelves for consumer purchase. Using packaging labels to promote or market a business has been a successful maneuver for several businesses over the past few decades and will continue to help bring in revenue as long as the advertised product is preferred by consumers.


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