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Minimizing The Cost Of Gin Packaging

gin packaging
Many new businesses are emerging from the alcohol industry. Craft brewers and distillers have become a niche market that is growing in popularity. To ensure the best value for money in this investment, minimizing cost has become a priority. For those involved in gin making, finding ways to lower the cost of a gin box can help achieve this goal.

Gin packaging plays a key role in marketing the product within and securing it before the customer consumes it. Careful choice of design is necessary to ensure it makes the desired impact for the brand. Here are some cost-saving tips when deciding on this design that should be balanced against the interests of marketing and storage.

Flexible Gin Box

Traditional glass bottles have long been the standard in the gin business. However, younger demographics are proving more open to newer gin packaging designs that can be more affordable to manufacture and easier to carry around. Options like plastic are much lighter to invest in and transport. They can also reduce the need to print labels as information can be printed directly on the packaging, helping to further reduce costs. The shape of the bottles can also be further customized so a larger quantity of products can fill a shipping box or pallet. Boosting packing density is another good way to manage costs.

Choice of Packaging Manufacturer

It is advisable to partner with a packaging manufacturer that uses modern packaging technology and designs, over a more traditional vendor. Those that use modern technologies like digital printing and color management will use resources more efficiently, resulting in a lower cost per gin box. While the savings may seem minimal in the short run, they will be more noticeably beneficial in the medium to long term. Be sure to seek quotes from various packaging manufacturers. Shopping around periodically will ensure you are getting the best value for money and will inform you of emerging technologies that you can consider in updating your packaging.

Sustainable Gin Box

This is a factor that can aid in reducing packaging costs and improve the marketability of the product. Flexible packaging, like liquor pouches, is easier to manufacture and customize. This means less energy is used in their production and therefore less waste. They are also often bio-degradable and recyclable. This makes them more sustainable and better for the environment. A fact that is popular with modern-day consumers that are concerned about their carbon footprint. Even where the product is damaged during shipping, there is less concern about waste and harmful effects with such packaging.

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