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Packaging Labels Important Components

packaging labels
Whatever product you send out into the market, it should have a label. This is a simple means of conveying important information on the product. The amount of details will often vary depending on the type of product. For instance, the label on a computer CPU will greatly differ from that on a wine bottle. Here are some of the vital details all packaging labels designs should include:

Packaging Labels Display the Brand

The packaging labels display the brand name. Position it at the top or center of the label.  Make the brand name clear. Keep in mind the name does not necessarily have to incorporate the manufacturer’s name. It can, however, also include the company logo that instantly identifies the manufacturer.

Type of Product

While the aisle in which the product is stocked will certainly give a clue, it is still advisable to indicate just what the product is. Some shoppers can be confused with faced with so many items to choose from. This also helps in narrowing down the product detail for those shopping online.

Weight and/or Size

Package labels should always indicate weights, especially for food items. The choice of standard or metric units will depend on location, but indicate the weight and size, especially if sold internationally. Food items should also include nutritional information, broken down according to quantity. This can help consumers who need to track their diet.

CodingPackage labels

Barcodes increase the speed of checkout. Retailers will use this in their systems to recognize the product when scanned and bring up the pricing. QR codes have also become quite popularly used on package labels for connecting consumers directly to official websites of manufacturers and promotions. A QR code is scanned using a smartphone and takes them directly to whatever landing page the manufacturer wants them to view.

Contact Details

Whether it is the manufacturer or wholesaler, there should be company contact details included for accountability. On the package labels, there should be the company name and address. Do not worry too much, consumers may also want to reach out to appreciate the company, or to become a distributor.

Certifications and Awards

This is a good way to market the product. Including mention or imagery of certifications or awards on the label helps legitimize the product. It allows consumers to also confirm that the product has met or surpassed certain standards. This can prove helpful in boosting the brand.

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