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How Your Packaging Supplies Can Reduce Your Costs

Many companies don’t realize how much wasteful spending happens within their shipping practices, and unfortunately, many of them could have been completely avoided with the right packaging supplies. By identifying the proper packaging supplies for each item that you need to ship, you can reduce the weight and, ultimately, the postage expense associated with your package. Additionally, you can also help to protect your products during transport.

Lightweight Fill

When choosing a packaging material, it is important to consider using lightweight fill. These materials can protect and stabilize products during shipment, and this can significantly reduce your overall costs of shipping. Items like newspaper, packing peanuts, and Kraft paper don’t add much weight to your package but can make a world of difference in terms of protection and stabilization. Air can be used in packaging bags as a way to cushion your products, and some people also utilize foam edge protectors and corners.

The Right Size

It is important that you choose packaging supplies that are the right size for each product, as finding the correct sized box will help you to minimize your risk of damage. This will also reduce waste by eliminating the need for excess fill, so it is important to get rid of the “one size fits all” attitude.

Stay Current on Packaging Supplies Prices

It is important to stay up-to-date on the current prices of your packaging materials in order to keep your costs down. Technology and the shipping industry are constantly evolving, so as new products are added to the market, it is important to determine if there is a cheaper solution than the materials you have used in the past.

Eco-Friendly Options

Many customers are beginning to buy products specifically because they are eco-friendly. Packaging supplies like biodegradable bags, Kraft paper, and honeycomb sheets are all known for being environmentally friendly, but eco-friendly package labelsand packaging tape are also appearing on the market. By offering eco-friendly packaging options, you will be sending a strong message to your customers that you care about the environment, and this can help you get the business of even the most environmentally conscious consumer.

Remember, the decisions you make when it comes to choosing your packaging solutions can ultimately save or cost you money. By using a lightweight fill in a package that is size-appropriate for your product, along with appealing to the eco-friendly market, you can work to establish a good reputation in the business world.


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