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Packaging Supplies You’ll Need for Your Move

During your move or relocation, it is essential to pack your items properly to ensure that they arrive intact at your new home. These supplies can be obtained at mail service stores, office supply outlets, or local moving companies. Choosing the right packaging supplies is also an area where you can cut costs if needed, so it is important to thoroughly consider what items you need before you start the packing process.


Boxes for packaging are a necessary staple for relocation. To save money on supplies, boxes can be obtained from grocery stores and other large retailers. Packing and moving kits may also be available, and they can include boxes of a variety of sizes along with specialty box options.

Specialty Boxes

To package your specialty items like artwork, breakables, and electronics, specialty boxes should be obtained. Mirror and artwork boxes are stronger than the typical cardboard box, and many come with frame protectors to prevent damage during transport. Corrugated cardboard can also help to protect fragile or glass surfaces.

Packaging Materials

A variety of packaging materials can be obtained to wrap, cushion, and protect your items.

  • Foam, which provides extra protection.
  • Peanuts, which are foam pieces that can fill in empty spaces.
  • Inflatable bags, which inflate to fill in empty spaces.
  • Stretch wrap, which keeps items together and can protect surfaces.
  • Brown paper, which can wrap items to keep them clean during transit.

Packaging Labels

Using packing labels is essential in keeping your packing and moving process organized. Three main varieties of labels exist:

  • Blank: These labels are the least expensive and most versatile. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized and printed from your computer.
  • Pre-printed: These labels are pre-printed to fulfill the most common packing and moving requirements.
  • Custom printed: These labels are printed in order to suit your personal needs, such as “Living Room”, “Fragile”, or “Kitchen”.

Miscellaneous Items

Some other miscellaneous items that may be useful when preparing for a move include the following:

  • Markers. These range in price and abilities, and they can be used to write on various surfaces including cardboard, plastic, and glass.
  • Mattress covers. These are soft foam covers that are used to protect your mattress from rips, tears, and punctures.
  • Box cutters. These are sharp utility blades that can be used to cut open difficult materials when packing and when unpacking at your final destination.


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