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Packing Shipping Boxes Like a Pro

shipping boxes
While e-commerce has done much to help businesses continue to thrive even as people are more restricted in movement, it can be a headache to have to send out fragile products in shipping boxes. When you have a product that can easily be damaged, you run the risk of having to make a replacement, often at the cost of the business.

Furthermore, the time delay created by having to send out replacements can add to the dissatisfaction of the customer, encouraging them to take their business elsewhere. Getting the packing done right the first time will improve the chances that the product will arrive at its destination intact and make the positive impression you want with clients. Here is how to get started.


Fragile items should be carefully packed within the box so they are less affected by vibration and rough handling. Wrapping them up individually with extra padding like newspaper or bubble wrap can help keep them more stable and snugly fitted into the box. It will also help protect the individual items if you are packing more than one item per box. This can avoid them banging into each other as they are shipped.


It is best to go for a size of the box that will snugly accommodate the product. Too big a box will mean the product will likely end up banging about inside while in transit, increasing the risk of damage. Too small and it may escape its confines and again, be vulnerable to injury.


There are different types of shipping box materials and designs to choose from. Corrugated shipping boxes are a popular choice due to their affordability, good protection, lightweight design, and recyclable. If you need a more secure design, you can opt for more fluting. Mailers are more rigid and have a self-locking mechanism that makes them best for smaller fragile items. Consider consulting with your packaging supplier to determine what material and design of the box would be best for safeguarding fragile products for shipping.

Label clearly

During shipping, it is commonplace for staff to be less careful when handling boxes, especially when they have much work to do. It helps to remind them to take more care by labeling the boxes for shipping with stickers and writing on the box. They should indicate if the contents are fragile and are to be handled carefully. Some products may need to remain in a certain position, so you can label them “this side up”, alongside arrows. If the product requires special accommodations like refrigeration, it also helps to note this on the label and sides of the box.

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