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Design Ideas to Make A Custom Gift Box Stand Out

Custom Gift Box
There are good reasons to want to include a customized box in your range of packaging materials. Custom gift boxes tend to be more expensive but give the impression that the items inside are also of higher value. This perception often allows businesses that use them for packaging to boost their sales prices without impacting demand negatively.
The higher quality packaging also makes for a more enjoyable unboxing experience that some customers are likely to share with others, helping to boost brand visibility and recognition. Custom gift box designs can also be used to make the client feel special and appreciated by the business. This can make them more inclined to stay loyal and advocate for the brand to others. Here are some simple design ideas you can incorporate to make more of a positive impact on customers.

Share A Message

You can include a thank you message on the box to show your appreciation to clients. You can also switch this up during holiday periods to impart best wishes. Keep it short but sweet. You can also add include contact information like social media handles or a QR code to your business website as another way to engage with clients.

Choose A Special Box

Gift boxes in mailer design are a good option when designing gift boxes. They feature a self-locking feature that means no mess when opening the packaging. They are an elegant design that you can customize using different colors, imagery, and branding messages. This can be done on both the interior and exterior, providing ample surface on which to market your business. They also feature a more rigid design that makes them ideal for securing high-value or delicate products.


It is important to settle on a brand color and logo that will be consistently applied across your packaging. This helps to make brand recognition easier to reinforce. The choice of color and logo should be in keeping with the values of your organization and a good reflection of what you have to offer. You should also consider what kind of impression it makes on clients.

Custom Graphics

To make your custom gift box design distinct, it may not be best to just opt for a plain color. Mixing up the design with patterns, shapes, and/or imagery can help make your box design more unique. Try to ensure that whatever design you incorporate complements the rest of the design features rather than distract from them. The overall look should make a positive impression on whoever looks at it

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