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Four Tips for Packing Your Small Shipping Boxes Efficiently for a Move

Whether you are packing your small shipping boxes in order to send items or if you are simply using them to pack up your home during a move, it is likely to be a stressful endeavor. Most people don’t enjoy packing, but fortunately, you can make this task less of a burden by following some simple tips.

Get Organized

The best practice for an efficient packing job is to get organized. If you are packing for a move, create a list for each room in your house and outline the items that you will need to pack in each room. As you fill up and seal your boxes, number them and then place that number next to the corresponding items on your list. By keeping detailed notes during the packing process, unpacking will be much easier when you arrive at your new home.

Arrange Boxes by Size

When packing with both small and large shipping boxes, it is important to line up the bottoms by size. The smallest box should include small and light items, while the largest boxes should include the heaviest items. Also, be sure to never leave excessive empty space in the top portion of a box, as this can result in a crushed box once they are loaded onto the moving truck.

Label Boxes Clearly

It is important to make sure that each of your boxes is labeled clearly so that you know where it belongs in your new home. Detailed labeling can be beneficial in simplifying the unpacking process, but it is most helpful if you are specific with the information you include in the label. Instead of labeling a box as “decorations”, try a more detailed explanation like “outdoor Christmas lights.”

Don’t Take it All

When you are packing up your stuff to move, you will be presented with a great opportunity to determine what things you no longer want or need. When packing, divide your things into three main categories: things to trash, things to donate, and things to keep. Try to be honest when evaluating your items, and if you haven’t used or worn an item in over a year, this is a good indication that you can get rid of it. This will help you to lighten your load, and you will then have less to need to pack into your shipping or moving boxes.


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