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How Do We Make our Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes?

Die cutting is a special process that is used to make a variety of the same shaped item, usually from materials like fabric, metal, plastic, wood, or cardboard. The shapes that are used in the die cut process are typically referred to as “blanks,” and this is because they need to be decorated or finished before being sold. When it comes to packaging, custom printed die cut boxes are extremely popular because they can include your brand’s logo on them, and a large number of the boxes can be generated at the same time.

Using Die Cutting to Create Boxes

You may be wondering how the boxes are cut, and the trick is to use a blade that is sharp and of a specific shape before it is mounted onto a backing. Then, the cardboard or material we will be using for our wholesale die cut boxes is set on a flat surface, and the die is then pressed into it for cutting. In some cases one die might cut into a material, or the die might be fitted to cut through a variety of layers, which would create a stack full of blanks.

Developing the right die is a challenging task, but it is one we take seriously in order to produce the best die cut boxes. In order to ensure that the amount of waste we create is minimized, the die needs to be cut so that it maximizes efficiency. In some cases, multiple die may be fitted onto one mount together in order to make the process more efficient, and left over materials can be reworked into other areas.

Advantages of Die Cutting

In addition to minimizing waste, there are several advantages of die cutting. This process can create uniform sizes for all products and can be used for large and small scale items. It also ensures that a straight line will be formed, and it can cut through both hard and soft substrates.

Die cutting is a perfect way to create boxes because it is effective in creating flat objects. In addition to boxes, paper products, keys, and flat pieces of plastic that can snap together also utilize the die cut process. Depending on the size of the project, dies will also vary in size, but the larger dies can be dangerous to work with. While safety is important with all manufacturing activities, it is especially vital to follow safety precautions when working with die cutting.


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