Pop-Up Displays Strategic Locations

pop up display

Point of purchase displays or POP displays are a wonderful way for brands to market new products. They are designed to stand out with bold coloring, branding, and other unique features that will draw the attention of shoppers in retail spaces. While they can be located anywhere within the store, many brands prefer that they be positioned near tills. Here is why.  

Point of purchase displays-competitive edge

A clever way to make a product stand apart from the offerings of the competition is to provide them with a distinct space. When you have pop-up displays that stand on their own and are positioned far away from the competition, they give the product a more unique and intriguing feel that can encourage shoppers to give it a chance.  

Pop-up displays captures attention 

These pop-up displays are an effective way to capture the attention of shoppers. Many people are working with a tighter budget now and will try to be focused and prioritize what is on their list when shopping. They will often ignore displays that are in between aisles. However, when they finally go to checkout, there is often some time spent idling as they wait for other shoppers that are ahead in the queue to be served. This is a suitable time to try and capture their attention and tempt them into picking up the product.  

Pop-up displays promotes impulse buying 

When you can capture the attention of your audience for any extended period, it is a wonderful opportunity to inform them about details of the product they did not know. This is just what pop-up displays are designed to do. They create a miniature isolated environment where potential buyers can be marketed to away from other distracting products and in a bold and engaging manner. Whether it is through branding on the display or by playing a promotional video that is incorporated into its design, this approach works well in stimulating impulse buying and boosting sales of the product.  

Effective quicker sales with point of purchase display 

The problem with impulse buying is that it is a fast response. Given enough time, the shopper may easily change their mind, especially if they were trying to limit their spending. Place the point of purchase display closer to the tills. This convenience encourages easier purchase, hence the name, impulse items. 

It is common to see products from these displays that were placed further inside the store being ditched along the way to the till. Closer proximity leaves less time to ponder and change your mind.  

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