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Preprinted Labels Make Communication a Breeze

Throughout the journey of products from manufacturer to consumer, communication is required to provide instructions, give warnings, offer information and make sales. Customized labels are the best for offering product information and selling the product to consumers, but various common instructions and warnings can be conveyed using generic, less expensive preprinted labels.

Importance of Messages during Shipping

It is extremely important to provide key messages on your packages during the shipping process for numerous reasons. First of all, package destination directions are required for shipping personnel which can be resolved with ship-to or address labels. Package handlers will also need to know if the contents of that package are fragile or dangers which is conveyed using fragile or dangerous goods labels. Once the package reaches its destination, point of sale or deli labels communicate where those particular items go and this side up tells how it is to be unpacked while the packing slip enclosed ensures proper order filling. Customers also benefit from preprinted labels and their messages. Label instructions can tell them how to store the item via a keep refrigerated label and where it originated with a made in Canada label.

Other types of labels are also required for every single package shipped, such as barcode labels that provide identification of the product and the manufacturer throughout the process. Preprinted labels are also quite handy when shipping products through foreign hubs. International labels using easily identifiable pictures communicate your messages across language barriers.

Benefits of Preprinted Labels

Dangerous goods labels and other types of ready-to-go labels have a variety of advantages over customized labels. Such labels are cheaper because they require no special instructions or customization. They also save time because they can be taken directly out of the package and applied to packages without any special treatment.

Applying these labels to your packages is definitely worth the effort as they can save you a great deal of money and hassle in lost packages, damaged products, disappointed customers, lawsuits from injured handlers and more. Ready-to-apply labels come in an extensive assortment of messages and instructions that can be applied to various product shipments.

Instabox is a major supplier of labels of all types and for all occasions. Using such a reputable company as a label source ensures you receive labels that are easy to read, large enough to be noticed and bright to catch the attention of handlers.


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