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Qualities of Custom Labels That Get Results

Each product that your company produces can have dozens if not hundreds, of competing products vying for customer dollars. Even if you know that your product outperforms the majority of your competitors’, if you can’t get people to choose your product over the others then they will never know.

One way to grab the attention of shoppers is through custom labels that announce your product. If the label is eye-catching then your product stands a better chance of being selected out of the hordes of other competing products lining the shelves.

Following are some of the qualities of successful custom labels that you can incorporate into your next product project.

Communicate without Words

Colors and images speak to a person’s psyche and grab their attention without them usually realizing it. Therefore, you can use both color and images to communicate positive messages to consumers contemplating what products to buy.

The colors and images you use should be connected to your brand as well as your product. For example, if your company sells bottled water, then you may want to use the colors blue and silver in a logo that contains the image of a wave. This way, customers will instantly recognize your brand regardless of what new item you produce. Think of Pepsi and its wavy blue and red circle as an example.

Select Text Wisely

Once you have a good foundation of color and image, you can add text. The words and fonts used on custom labels are extremely important. They must balance the overall look of the label, not be too distracting, and they need to compliment your brand.

When selecting text, take care when selecting fonts. The general rule of thumb is never use more than two varying fonts on your labels. You also want to select a font that best accentuates your brand, like the cursive font used to add more elegance to the brand name Coca-Cola.

You also want your label to be readable without customers having to squint. For example, if you produce wine, then you want shoppers to be able to read the important details from the aisle. If customers have to pick up your bottles to read the wine labels, then you have probably used more text than necessary.

Consider Label Size

The size of your labels is just as important as what’s printed on them. The label should be sized in direct proportion to your product. If the label is too small then people will pass by without noticing it. If it is too large, it can look tacky or be damaged during handling processes.

High-quality wine labels and other custom labels from specialized companies like Instabox can make your products stand out above your competitor’s.


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