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Product Packaging Unboxing Experience

Product Packaging
If you are in the online retailing business, you need to employ various strategies to be able to stand out and beat the competition. While there is no one sure way to get the attention of online customers, creating a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients can undoubtedly impress them.

The unboxing trend started booming in 2016 and most likely here to stay. YouTube is packed with millions of unboxing videos which means it has a loyal following. More than the product you are selling, your packaging now counts more than ever.

Creating a pleasurable unboxing experience for your clients means you need to ditch your regular shipping box and rely on project packaging. Keep in mind that a positive unboxing experience is all about the packaging. Customized printed foldable boxes would do wonders for the following reasons:

Aesthetic Potential

While product boxes are primarily used to protect the goods during shipping, it is now a valuable marketing tool. No matter how impressive your product is, online customers wouldn’t even try your product unless the packaging impresses them.

Try watching the most popular unboxing videos online, and you will see how much time the reviewer spends commenting on the packaging. Do you think a lousy cardboard box would be featured and shared on social media?

When you use printed foldable boxes with a carefully thought out design, you are not only giving your clients a positive unboxing experience but promoting your brand as well. The moment your customized mailing boxes caught the fancy of consumers, you will experience free referral and advertisements as your clients share them online.

Perfect Dimension

Apart from the design, using customized cardboard mailing boxes provide the best unboxing experience because they perfectly match the size of your product. When your customers receive the items they ordered, they would be impressed to see that everything is neatly and orderly packed. This instance would be highly unlikely if you insist on using ready-made boxes since they were manufactured without considering the size of your product.


One of the means to create a satisfying unboxing experience is by giving your customers the type of packaging they want. Numerous surveys showed how the majority of consumers demand environment-friendly packaging. So what can be more eco-friendly than printed foldable boxes, right?

The reasons above are more than enough evidence to show you the value of using project packaging to create a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients. Naturally, when you meet their unboxing “needs,” your business will also experience positive gains.

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