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Selecting the Right Product Packaging

Regardless of how great your product might be, if the product packaging that you choose falls short, this could be detrimental to attracting repeat business. The type of packaging that you choose will ultimately be dependent on your actual product, but some of the top factors that you should consider before you choose your packaging material are outlined below.


The design of your packaging should work to reflect your product to your intended audience. While products that display strong colors may work for a predominately male audience, products intended for females may benefit from packaging that displays more feminine colors and graphics. You should ensure that your company logo is prominently displayed in order to ensure that your product is recognizable and to promote awareness of your brand.

Types of Packaging

Packaging is available in a variety of different options, the most common of which is cardboard. Cardboard is a popular solution because it’s durable, can be recycled, and is generally affordable. There are many grades of cardboard, and while corrugated cardboard may be best for heavier items, lighter and thinner versions are also available for smaller items. Packaging accessories are also available, such as bubble wrap, and these items help to provide additional protection to the items inside of the package.

Proper Size

The heavier and larger your products are, the more expensive that your packaging will be. Choosing a large packaging solution for small items is wasteful, and because it weighs more it will also be more expensive. The high cost of shipping may be off-putting to many buyers in these situations.


When selecting packaging materials it is important to take the overall price into account. If you need to ship a large number of products, purchasing your packaging materials in bulk may make the most sense. However, it is important to not forget quality, as low-quality products can provide a bad impression of your business and may be more likely to become damaged during transport.

Package Contents

The packaging solution that you select should be functional and appropriate or the contents that you are placing inside of it. This will help to safeguard your product against possible damages during shipping or in storage, and this is especially important if the contents are of high value or are fragile. Plain packaging may be beset if you are intending to send something as a gift or if the contents are personal in nature.


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