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Three Major Uses of Folding Cartons

The folding carton is a staple of the packaging industry. It is created from paperboard that is then folded, cut, printed, and laminated in order to be transported to a variety of manufacturers for their business packaging needs. They can also be sold in retail stores for customers to use in their own homes for their personal needs. They are shipped completely flat to the manufacturer and are then folded into their proper state to fit the manufacturer’s needs. Folding cartons have a variety of uses, the most common of which are discussed below.

Gift Boxes

Folding cartons are perfect for packaging gifts of all sizes. They are perfect for apparel boxes and are just the right size for packaging up clothing items to give to a loved one. These folding boxes are created in one piece so that the packing of gifts is both convenient and easy. They are great for jewelry along with other small items. They are also beneficial because they can store flat and then pop up to be easily assembled. Certain features like ribbon closures and window lids may also be available to showcase your gift.

Food Products

A folding carton is also a great solution for the food industry, as these items can help to best showcase the food from a business while transporting it safely. They are staples in grocery stores and bakeries across the country. Most commonly they are used to package pies and cakes, and those with a plastic window can display the decorative features so that customers can know exactly what the product looks like when they are considering their purchase.

Marketing Tool

Folding cartons can help to market a business, and successful packaging can make or break the product of a business. The retail shelf will serve as a final marketing campaign moment for your business, and it is your last chance to promote yourself and your product prior to purchase. Not only can these ackages get the attention of the customer, but they can also fulfill the needs of the customer for information. To be used as a successful marketing tool, folding cartons must complete the following activities:

  • Communicate the benefits and details of the company’s product
  • Provide complete production for the product as well as any other components
  • Maximize the product’s shelf appeal in order to capture the attention of the customer
  • Communicate the sales and brand message effectively


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