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Reducing The Risk Of Damage With Vodka Packaging

vodka packaging
Whether you are a vodka maker, own a liquor store, or just love your spirits, you need to be concerned about vodka packaging. More so when you intend to transport your stocks and do not want to worry about any damage that could cause you financial loss. Most vodka brands will package the liquor in a glass bottle, meaning that if you are shipping, you have to worry about possible breakage. Here are some ways to ensure your stock of vodka gets to its desired destination in good shape.

Use Dividers in Vodka Packaging

If transporting multiple bottles rather than just one vodka box, pack them in a larger box and separate them individually using Styrofoam dividers. Make it as tight a fit as possible to reduce the amount of shifting during transit. The dividers should sit snugly against the bottles, restraining them from bumping into one another. You can obtain cardboard cell boxes from a liquor store that should already come with dividers.

Secure The Edges And Bottom

Ensure the box carrying your vodka bottles is well secured. Reinforce the edges with packing tape as this is where it is most likely to get bumped into. The bottom is also vulnerable due to friction so ensure it is soundly secured. Besides reinforcing with packing tape, consider adding another layer of cardboard internally to make it a firmer surface on which the bottles will sit during transit. You can also add some layers of paper or bubble wrap at the bottom as cushioning, especially if the box is tall, leaving room for the bottles to bounce around even when closed.

Wrap Them Up

If you cannot get dividers, opt to wrap up each bottle to secure it before placing it in a box. Do the same if the dividers or cell boxes you get leave too much room around the bottles. Adding wrapping around the bottles will let them fit more snugly and cope better with the rigors of transport. You can use newspaper or bubble wrap. Be sure to tape down the edges so the wrapping does not easily come undone.

Load Correctly

When loading your vehicle with the boxes containing vodka bottles, avoid stacking anything heavy on top. Be sure to label the box as fragile and breakable so that whoever is handling it will know to take extra care. To ensure good stability, also try to place them on the flattest surface such as the floor or bed of the truck. Keep the box away from the edge, such as the tailgate to avoid the risk of it falling over during unloading.

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