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Securing The Contents Of Your Shipping Box

shipping box
More and more businesses are transitioning towards the e-commerce market. As more people opt to make purchases remotely, it only makes sense to ensure they can easily find and make transactions with your business online. It also means knowing how to ensure the safe delivery of the items they buy to their doorstep. How the products are packaged in a shipping box will have a big impact on this. Here are a few guidelines on how businesses can better ensure shipping goes smoothly for their products.


Have shipping boxes that conform well with the size of your products. If you often receive orders with multiple items to be delivered, then you will need a variety of different-sized boxes to work with. The more closely fitted a box is, the more secure the contents will be. This is because there is less room for the contents to rattle around in and become damaged during transit. For instance, if in need of printer shipping boxes, you will want a size that does not allow the electronic to shift and suffer any injury. It also reduces the overall weight and dimensions of the shipment, helping to keep shipping costs low.

Shipping Box Filler

Many products are of a shape that does not match a conventional shipping box. They will require filler material to fill in gaps. Filler helps to reduce the risk of shifting and damage. Even for box-shaped products, it helps to leave a little room for this protective padding. You can use a variety of materials for filler including old newspaper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.

Inserts for a Shipping Box

These are an even better form of protection for goods in transit. Foam and cardboard inserts keep the product in a stable position within the box. They are a good option for high-value items that would be particularly expensive to have to replace if damaged in transit like electronics and expensive perfumes.

Wall Thickness

The more flutes there are in cardboard boxes, the better protected the contents are. Thicker boxes are more rigid and can better withstand the rough handling that would result in punctures and other damage. They are also better at limiting liquid penetration if the box becomes wet. You can reinforce these attributes by choosing laminated box designs that make them more water-resistant. You can also use packing tape along the seams to help reinforce the construction.

Ensure that you also look into the reputation of the shipping company you are using. You will want a firm that is known for the careful and timely handling of shipments. They should also be dependable in terms of both pick-up and delivery. Also, make a comparison of rates to ensure you are getting a competitive deal.

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