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Your Shipping Supplies Destination

Shipping your product isn’t just about stuffing it into a box with bubble wrap, it involves much more and if you need shipping supplies, we have them. Where we used to just offer packaging solutions, we acquired a shipping supplies company and now can offer you anything you need related to packaging your product.

Once you’ve chosen your box you need supplies to help you ship that box. Here’s where we can help you, where we couldn’t before. From bags or markers to wrapping materials and hand trucks, we can provide whatever shipping materials you need to get your product to its destination.

Imagine your logo on the bag that holds the products you sell at your retail outlet. Well you don’t have to imagine it anymore because we can create custom printed bags for you with your slogan or logo right on it. Better for your customer and good for your marketing, your logo on a bag can easily have a positive impact on your business.

When you tape up that box to ship your product, don’t use boring packing tape. Say something with your packaging and get custom printed tape with your logo all over it. The tape comes in two types – poly-pro which is a white tape or PVC tape which is stronger and stretches better. These tapes come in a number of sizes and colors.

Don’t forget to wrap your product and when you do, we have several options that will enhance your product presentation. We can now offer tissue, newsprint and roll paper depending on your requirements and presentation needs. We also have pallet wrap and polyethylene tubing for those larger jobs or to keep those pallets dry before loading. In addition, we have packaging materials such as packing peanuts and polyethylene foam and twine to tie it all together.

When you ship your package you may need to add a shipping tag and here’s where we come in. We can supply not only shipping tags in a variety of colors, but we have the shipping ties and fasteners as well. The fasteners are great for added protection against sticky fingers.

But it doesn’t stop there, we have the supplies you need to ship your products right down to permanent markers, strapping supplies and the tools you need to secure them; tape, tape dispensers, packing knives, bag sealers, paper dispensers, and Swiftacher Fastener Guns. We even have stapling tools and refills, and what’s best is for many of our shipping materials the more you order the less it costs.


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