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Utilizing Various Cardboard Dividers

When you ship your products you want to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. When orders arrive undamaged and ready for use, not only will you be happy, so will your customers. Many companies use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to wrap their products and prevent them from being damaged during shipping, but these options are not only environmentally unsound they are also not the only options around.

You may be surprised to learn that using cardboard dividers or chipboard dividers can often provide your product with the same protection you can get from using non-eco-friendly packaging materials. They are also more versatile and are particularly useful when your package contains multiple items or items that must be kept separated for their protection. A few examples will give you an idea of why you should try dividers the next time you have a product to ship.

Cardboard dividers can be used to protect fragile items to prevent shifting and breakage or can be used to create partitions so multiple items can be shipped in a neat and organized fashion. Thicker cardboard dividers are excellent to keep items such as bottles from touching each other and breaking. Thinner dividers can be used to separate items from one another, giving each item its own enclosed space. They can be cut in any number of sizes so that each shipment can have as many compartments as you need. You are no longer limited to one large box which may cause you to have to break your order up into multiple shipments if you have items that otherwise could not be shipped together.

If you prefer an eco-friendly solution you may want to try chipboard dividers. These are heavier than cardboard, are made of mixed waste papers, and are completely recyclable. They create less dust and are lightweight so they reduce shipping costs. Though they are lightweight, they are extremely durable and do not bend which makes them an excellent choice for fragile items.

Another option is fiberboard dividers. These are made from corrugated fiberboard and are heavy duty which makes them ideal for shipping heavier objects such as nails, screws and machine parts. They are also completely recyclable and are more fire-resistant than chipboard. Testing has shown that they can last 30 – 50 years so they can be reused if needed. They are simple to install and remove and require no tape or staples.


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