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Choosing the Right Shipping Supplies for eCommerce

When you are in the eCommerce business and shipping products all over the world, there are many shipping supplies you need aside from just boxes. If you use custom shipping boxes, you are starting off on the right foot because you are gaining brand awareness and instilling a feeling of professionalism in your customers the moment that the box arrives on their doorstep. To take matters one step further, however, you need to take time deciding what to use to ship your products, from the tape to close the box to the items inside the box to protect your products – every detail matters.

Say it with Tape

You do have the choice to use plain packing tape that may do the job, but it does not speak volumes like custom packing tape does. Have tape made with your company name, logo, or phone number to continue to add to your efforts to market your brand and please your customer.

Shipping Fragile Items

If your products are fragile, the last thing you want to do is scribble the word “Fragile” across the top of a box. Yes, it might get the point across, but it does not look professional in any way. Instead, use shipping labels that are easy to read and look professional. Rather than appearing as if you haphazardly wrote on the box, printed labels with the word “Fragile” will help shippers and receivers take your words seriously and handle your package with care.

Protecting the Items Inside

When you are shipping products, oftentimes you have to protect them with the right fillers. There are a variety of shipping materials that you can use, some of which look professional and others that do not. If you choose whatever crumbled up paper or packing peanuts that you may have lying around, you are not going to provide that professional image that you desire. Instead, choosing roll paper, tissue paper, or polyethylene foam will help you to keep that professional image as well as protect the items inside your custom box.

Taking the time to carefully choose your shipping supplies can make the difference between looking professional and looking like a company that does not have their head in the game. If you want to get the leg up on your competition, you need to think of every detail including the shipping process, as that is the only way to get your product in front of your customer when you are an eCommerce business.


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