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Simple Basics for Shipping Tags

shipping tags
Shipping materials to customers has now become an essential part of business as online shopping takes hold. Businesses of all sizes now need to prepare packaging and shipping tags that will enable products to arrive safely at the correct destination. The information on the shipping tag is of special importance as it directs shippers on where they need to get the product. Getting this information right is highly crucial as even a small mistake can lead to delays or the complete loss of a shipment. Here are details you need to pay keen attention to when getting ready to label a shipping box.
Address details information is what will inform shippers on where they need to deliver the package to. There are four main sections to any international address. With many small and medium-sized businesses now also accommodating international orders for their products, you need to ensure that the correct country is indicated, even if the package is being shipped domestically.
You also need to ensure clear detailing of the postcode/city/province of the country. The correct street address is also required. A name must also be indicated to know who should receive the package.

Shipping Tags: Country name

As said, indicating the country the package is to be sent to is important. Do not use abbreviations. Always indicate the full name of the country at the very bottom row of the address, preferably n capital letters.

Shipping Tags: Street address and post code

Depending on the country, you may need to indicate a street address or P.O. Box number. If delivery is to a street address, you may also need to indicate a building or apartment number. If there is a restriction on characters for these additional lines, you may need to abbreviate some information.
The next row should indicate a post code, city, or province. Abbreviations may be used to represent certain states or provinces, but do verify you have used the correct ones. Some destinations may not have post codes so if you are still required to indicate one, just add zeros.


With international shipments it is important to ensure the name on the shipping tags is correctly spelled. Ideally, it should be as per the person’s name on their national identification, indicating all names in the correct order. Many authorities may require that the person picking the package provide some form of national identification whose names should match up with the details on the shipping tag. Where there is a discrepancy, the package may not be released to the person.

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