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Spruce Up Your Cardboard Suggestion Box

Cardboard Suggestion Box
A suggestion drop box is a receptacle that allows people to submit comments, requests, or questions about internal procedures and general topics about their satisfaction. Apart from being a good and useful opinion resource, a suggestion box also becomes an essential aspect of getting random insights from your employees to help boost your employee’s productivity and better company performance.

A suggestion box is more than just a stereotypical container mounted on the exit wall or break room. You can create ways of bringing out the best of your workers by sprucing up your suggestion box to gain better participation. This standard insight gathering container can be a powerful driver to improve your organization and commit employees to share their ideas.

A Simple yet Innovative Tool for Improvement

A supporting mechanism that targets unity organization-wide, a cardboard suggestion box can mean a difference. It is a platform that inspires people to join in and make their voices heard while remaining anonymous about what they think.

When used effectively, a suggestion box can be used as a receptacle for creativity. It can be used to motivate people about new ideas before they are implemented throughout the whole company. Though a seemingly innocent container, it can also be used to provide comments about dissatisfaction and give management a hint of what’s falling out of place in the workplace environment.

A suggestion drop box is a simple yet powerful tool to inspire innovation and promoting organization-wide improvement.

Ways to Spruce Up Your Company’s Suggestion Drop Box

There are several ways to solicit participation amongst your employees. One is to highlight the box in your reception lobby or put in in a corner with a thought-provoking message and a good background. People who see the suggestion box are likely to drop their comments and opinions.

Also, make it easy for your employees by providing a piece of paper or a form they can readily fill out. Simplifying and making things convenient for your office workers will add to their participation spirits. Most people are also much more responsive to visually appealing containers. Designing a cardboard suggestion box that pops out from the background.

Include an eye-catching message with a call to action, so people are forced to join in. But on top of that, make sure that the suggestion box is made from sturdy material, so it lasts for a long time.

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