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Tape Your Folding Boxes Properly When Moving

If you are moving, you may be using folding boxes in order to pack up your items and transport them to your new home. While these boxes can make the process of moving easier, many people make the mistake of taping them improperly when using them for this purpose. This can result in the damage of your personal items and breakables, so it is important that you know how to properly secure your moving boxes with tape before loading up your items.

Tips for Taping Moving Boxes

The first step in properly taping a moving box is to select the right tape. Masking or Scotch tape should be avoided, and instead, you should invest in a variety that is designed specifically for packaging. It will be easier to manage if it is in a tape dispenser, and by choosing a high-quality and strong tape, you can ultimately use less on each of your boxes.

When preparing your folding cardboard boxes for a move, it is important to never simply overlap the opposite flaps at the bottom. This will not make your container secure, and it is likely that the bottom will fall out once you load it with heavy items. Additionally, many moving companies may refuse to move your boxes if they aren’t packaged correctly, and you may be charged if they have to repack them for you.

To start taping, begin by folding the smaller flaps on the bottom of your box, and then follow by folding in the large flaps. Turn your box, and then start taping. Many professional movers will use an “H” taping method where the middle of the letter is placed over the middle seam on the box. That middle piece of tape should be put down first, and then another strip should be placed along both sides where the flaps have been folded in.

If your load is going to be especially heavy, an “X” taping method may be preferred. With this way of taping, after the “H” method has been completed, you will tape from each diagonal corner so that the tape resembles the letter “X.” This will help to reinforce the bottom of the box.

Once you have finished taping the box, it is important to check the tape. It should lie flat against the cardboard and adhere tightly to the box. Once you have flipped the box over and have loaded up your contents, you should secure the top portion of the box with the same “H” pattern that you have already demonstrated.


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