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New Shapes for Folding Cartons

A variety of businesses have been turning to folding cartons for their packaging needs, as their environmentally friendly properties and their ability to be used for product branding make them extremely attractive options. In recent years, many different brand and business owners have begun to look for new and nontraditional shapes for their packaging. These unique shapes can help with differentiation on the store shelf, and they can help to draw a customer’s attention to the product and away from the competition. Some of the most unique shapes that are being found on the market today are outlined below.

Triangular Sleeves

While most frozen pizzas are found in a square carton, some brands are taking this a step further by adding an additional paperboard sleeve the shape of a triangle inside of the carton. When cooking single slices, the consumer can then put a piece of pizza in the sleeve and directly into the microwave. These sleeves include susceptor materials that can enhance the crisping of the pizza.


The octagon shape is commonly being used to package cakes, pies, and other baked goods. The angled corners include indentations that reinforce the structural strength of the box, and when they are stacked, these cartons feature a greater stability than conventional boxes. The octagon shape can also stabilize the item within the package, and this can reduce the likelihood of damage when the product is being distributed.


Paperboard packages that are shapely and curvy are becoming popular for skin-care products, and these canisters can be used for a variety of beauty products. Liquid products may be secured within a plastic closure, but the paperboard can feature a printed film with brand information and graphics. This can help the brand to get their message out to potential customers while packaging their product in a unique and eye catching way.

Paperboard Forming

The use of paperboard forming can make a variety of custom and geometric shapes, such as octagons, hearts, and wedges. This technique is also being used to place the logo of the brand onto the paperboard container. When used for the packaging of food, the paperboard can include polyester that is appropriate for food contact, and this can make the box serve a dual purpose, as it can also act as a tray for cooking.

If you are looking for other unique shapes and packaging ideas for your products, contact your folding carton manufacturer. Together you can come up with an idea that will protect your product while appealing to potential customers.


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