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The Various Types of Shipping and Packing Supplies

Packing is not a simple task and it requires a whole lot of materials for a successful move or shipping project. The items to be packed might need an extra protective cover and there are various materials which can be used for different items. Shipping accessories and packing materials act like a safety net for your items.

Packing Supplies

Some of the widely used packing supplies are as follows –

  • Laminated rolls – these rolls are leak-proof and are extremely durable
  • Stretch films – one of the most widely used materials used for packaging, which also protects the items while in storage
  • Bubble wrap – this provides protective padding and water resistance at the same time. This is the perfect solution for fragile items and will ensure that the object is protected from rough handling. You can get them as sheets or bags depending upon your needs.
  • PP straps – they are lightweight, but tough. They are used for heavy and medium weight packages to keep the contents from spilling out.
  • Instant foam – gives the perfect custom fit for objects with a difficult shape.
  • Protective paper packing – they come as kraft sheets, newsprint sheets or even as colored shredded paper.

Shipping Accessories

You can also opt for the following shipping accessories, which will give added protection during shipment

  • Edge protectors – they reduce the damage caused during shipment by giving extra protection and support.
  • Strap guards – protects the package from damages caused by tight straps.
  • Shipping tags – they come in a variety of colors and sizes and they are great for identifying your packages easily.

Selecting the Right Kind of Materials

It all depends on what you want to ship. The kind of material can vary in strength and durability, based on your needs and the items being shipped. If you are environmentally conscious then you can buy biodegradable bubble wrap which will degrade in one or two years. Buy antistatic bubble rolls to pack electronic goods, which also provides excellent protection against impacts.

Packing supplies can be used in numerous ways, but there are a few general guidelines, which when followed, can lead to superior protection of your products. After packing, ensure that the box closes properly and there are no extra spaces. There should only be the necessary information on the box as too much information can confuse the movers or package handlers. Use only tapes and boxes that are designed exclusively for packing and moving. Do not overload the box with objects that are too heavy for the box to hold, it might give way midway through the journey, which is one headache everyone wants to avoid.


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