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The Utility of a Packing Tape

In the world of packing materials, the quality of the tape is often overlooked, but it is necessary to have a good quality packing tape that will provide added protection to the box. They are mostly made from polypropylene and polyethylene fabric, films or reinforced films. They are available in varying thicknesses and sizes and can be used safely for all mailing and shipping purposes. Bundle items with them, use them for sealing boxes or have them reinforce sealed boxes.

Packing Tape

Packing tape can be used for packing any kind of box or product. When used for boxes, they give added strength to the box, but they can also be used alone for packing together items such as books. You can buy the cheap, more economical tape which can be used to pack light to medium weight items. They can stick to any kind of surface and they can also be easily removed. The economical kind is only reasonably resistant to wear and tear. The more expensive kind of tape is more durable which has a hot melt adhesive that does not easily peel or crack. These kinds of tapes are preferred as they are resistant to water and all kinds of harsh weather. There are more kinds of packing tapes and accessories to choose from such as the following –

  • Handheld dispensers for easy and safe use
  • Color coded tapes for easy identification
  • Box sealing tapes
  • Hold down attachments for taping
  • High performance sealing tapes
  • Bag sealers

Strapping Tape

Strapping tape will come with a durable polypropylene backing and rubber resin glue. The tape holds securely to the package as it shrinks around the item or box when secured, the tight tape does not break and allows a little movement, which makes it more resilient. You can use it for corrugated cardboard or even a paperboard box. Use them for heavy loads without having to worry about it breaking while in transit.

Packing and strapping tapes are not necessary, but when used, you will find that they are extremely useful. Strapping tape is used when you need something that can withstand a lot of pressure, twisting and turning and will not break easily. You can even use kraft paper packing tape for light weight packages, which blend in with the color of the boxes and even though they are made of paper, are still strong enough to hold the flaps of a box together.


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